I read a great book over the Easter break. It was called Odd and the Frost Giants. It was written by the author Neil Gaiman who has written other great books like Stardust, Coroline and The Wolves and the Walls. 

It is about Odd the Viking boy who has run away from home, even though he can barely walk and has to use a crutch. Alone in the forest, he encounters a bear, a fox and an eagle, each of whom has a strange story to tell. They need Odd's help to save the city of Asgard from the Frost Giants who have invaded it. 

It was very exciting, had excellent illustrations by Brett Helquist and really cool dialogue. 

Did you read anything over the holidays or could you recommend a good book? What can you tell me about the story, the characters, the descriptions or the dialogue? 

Mr Heskin